Long-Distance Moving Services in Coralville, IA

Hiring a professional mover is an ideal way to simplify the cross-country moving process. Moving from one state to another is tedious, and there is a lot of relief that comes with engaging in a long-distance moving service in Coralville, IA. Finding the appropriate company to assist you to move requires knowledge of your options. Below are some factors to consider when looking for a long-distance moving company.

Recommendations from trusted friends and loved ones

Google might not be the best place to begin the search for your moving company, but friends and loved ones are. You most likely know a few people who have engaged long-distance movers in your area, so contact them to inquire about who they can recommend. It is possible that somebody you know had an unpleasant experience with a highly-rated company, or was charged an unanticipated fee that was not listed on the company’s website. On the flip side, maybe someone else had a great encounter with a relatively new mover who does not have a strong web presence. By starting with family and friends, you might get important insights that you will not find online.

Insured and licensed:

Never engage a moving company that is not licensed and insured. A group of people can acquire a truck and begin engaging in the moving business, but only the licensed and insured companies provide a piece of mind to protect your property. Local moving companies are typically agents for interstate moving companies. To check whether a company has a legal USDOT number, search for it on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database.

Customer service:

Your belongings have value, and deserve care. You do not want the movers leaving mud on your carpet, gouging holes in the drywall, or scraping your hardwood floors. Customer service is crucial. A business might be fairly priced or efficient, but if they don’t go the extra mile of being careful and friendly, it is not worth your money and time.

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